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Crowd Sourced Custom Video and Text Content

Record Video | Upload Video

Create, publish and share crowd-sourced content and reviews about your business. Your followers can record and upload video to share on your website and or social media.

Web TV - Create Your own show

Create content here and feed it to your website or social media. You only have to record it once. Then share it for brand consistency.

Expand your world on Social Media

Software as a Service SaaS designed to address the specific needs of the small business owner. We have a menu of brands and services at affordable prices.

Our Story

Our Story

We get up in the morning to help small business owners thrive online. It is a world that changes daily. We help business owners gain customers and compete by providing an easy to use Software as a Service at a price that won’t break the bank. We want to make this available to anyone who wants it. Our goal is to help build up and support the Small Businesses that make up 99.7 percent of US employers. More profitable businesses = more jobs = better economy.


Social Media Management          Reputation Monitor          Social Shopping Carts          Social Contests          Social Deals           Social Analytics          Social Assessment          Engaging Content          Tailored Strategy          Reputation Monitoring

Launch a Beacon & Proximity Deals Campaign The most innovative way to attract new customers based on their location

Geofencing – Proximity Marketing          Beacon Marketing          Deals, Products & Notifications          Grow Repeat Business           Leverage Location          Push Notifications

Get more positive reviewsKnow what customers sayManage online profilesGet customer feedback

Know what customers say          Generate positive reviews           Real-time review alerts           Manage online reviews          Promote positive reviews          Spy on competitors          Email review requests          Mobile review apps          Manage online profiles

Take Control of your online Brand 

Get more positive Video reviews          Know what customers say and respond direclty          Manage online profile          Get customer feedback                                                 

Anonymous Video Forum (Vorum): Members can ask questions anonymously to get the help they need, write opinions and advice to help others when they have nowhere else to go.

Web – TV Series: Designed to navigate affairs of the heart.  Family, In-laws, weddings, honeymoons, divorce. Finance, health. And more

Get | Give | Advice | Opinions Forum: Vent and ask questions you cannot ask your partner, friends or family.

We Deliver value before the papers are signed 

Timing          Pay attention to the details – all of them.           Act with care          We will work to gain trust and instill confidence immediately

We Bring value 


Technology in the hands of a business Design to BUILD YOUR BRAND


Community Talk Studios | CupidsTales.com

Community Talk Studios strives to partner with the Small Business owner and Advertising agency.  We provide Software as a Service at an affordable price in order to proved tools to small and medium sized businesses normally reserved and used by Large corporate enterprises and businesses.

State of the Art Social media software with banner advertising and CTA tools. State of the Art Geo-fencing technology software.                                                  State of the Art Reputation management software.

Affordable | Easy to Use | Data Capture Software as a Service (SaaS)

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